Bonito is the fish Kochi Prefecture is best known for. Kochi City ranks first in the nation in consumption of bonito, so the prefecture has numerous places where high-quality bonito can be found. Here are some restaurants that are some of the best places to enjoy bonito, one of Kochi’s specialties.


上町食堂(上町池澤本店)Kamimachi shokudo(kamimatiikezawahonntenn)

CategorySushi,Other Japanese
LocationCentral Kochi
Access If you come by train From Harimaya Bridge, take the bus bound for Kagamigawabashi or Ino and get off at Kamimachi 4-chome. Proceed in the direction of travel and turn right at the first traffic light. If you come by car About 5 minutes west of Harimaya Bridge. After passing Jyoseikan, turn right at the 4th traffic light and you will arrive in front of the store. Continue past and turn right at the first corner (behind the train street) There is a brick building in the 5th case, so that is the parking lot. Only 3 cars can be parked. It is often full, so please check the nearby parking lot or come by train as much as possible.
Price Range Daytime:approx. 1,200yen
Menu Language日本語,English,한국어,简体中文,繁体

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